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Презентация по теме урока. Политическая карта мира Символика англо-говорящих стран Схемы политических стран

Сценарий урока на тему «Travelling».


  1. Активизация тематической лексики УМК 9 класса в устной речи учащихся в диалогической и монологической форме в процессе развития иноязычной компетенции школьников.

  2. Углубление знаний учащихся о стране изучаемого языка;

  3. Развитие умений и навыков учащихся выражать согласие и несогласие;

  4. Воспитание потребности расширять свой кругозор.

Формы проведения:

  1. Беседа.

  2. Аудирование;

  3. Чтение;

  4. Вопросно-ответная работа;

  5. Подготовка сообщений.


  1. Раздаточный материал.

  2. Презентация по теме урока.

  3. Политическая карта мира

  4. Символика англо-говорящих стран

  5. Схемы политических стран.

  6. Медиаоборудование.

  7. Компьютер.

Ход урока.

  1. Организационный момент.

T: Good morning children. What is the day today? What is the date today?

At our previous lessons we said that travelling is very often an important part of people’s life. There are many ways of travelling that attract a lot of tourists. And today I want you to elaborate upon this idea and prove this statement. Let’s start our lesson.

T: Read 2 poems.


Over the river, over the bay

Ferry-boats travel every day.

Watching the seagulls, laughing with friends.

I'm always sorry when the trip ends.


Over the mountains, over the plains,

Over the rivers here come trains.

Carrying passengers, carrying mail,

Over the country here come trains.

T:What shall we speak about?

2.Этап подготовки к усвоению новых знаний.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка.

T: Repeat after me.

[ai]Kinds of transport, a bicycle, a motorcycle,

[ ]a plane, a train, , underground,

[ ]an airship, a hot-air balloon,

[ ]a helicopter, a spaceship,

a van, a double-decker bus, a ship, a boat, a horse, a car, commuters.

  1. Речевая зарядка.

  1. T: Agree or disagree.

-People’s life is impossible without travelling.

-There is only one way of travelling.

-Travelling by train has only disadvantages.

- Travelling by sea is not very popular.

-Hiking is very popular with young people.

2) T:Make up sentences:

- the min advantages of trains ( speed, comfort and safety in comfortable seats of the sleeping cars);

-to travel (by air, by rail, by sea, by road, on foot)

-to be the fastest and the most convenient way of travelling ( travelling by air)

-the most expensive way of travelling ( by plane)

T: What means of transport do you know?

(на слайд поместим картинку о средствах путешествия из учебника 7 класс М.З.Биболетова)

( учащиеся перечисляют виды транспорта)

T: Let’s read the text. ( просмотровое чтение)

City transport in Moscow

The metro is the fastest and most com­fortable type of the city transport. The other means of transport in Moscow are buses, trolley-buses, trams, taxis. Some buses, trolley-buses and trams have con­ductors and some have cash-boxes. One should have the correct fare going by such means of transport. Many people have passes.

London transport

Public transport in London is expensi­ve. The fare depends on the length of the journey. You cannot buy books of tickets in advance. Children under six­teen pay half, and those under five travel free. You usually buy bus tickets from a conductor, but on some buses you pay the driver. Most London buses are double-deckers.

On the underground railway («tube») you buy your ticket from a machine or a ticket office, and give it up at the end of the journey.

Not all trains from one platform go to the same place, so watch the signs. The last train leaves at about 00.15.

T: Answer my questions.

  1. What are the main means of trans­port in Moscow and in London?

  2. What is the most comfortable means of transport in London and in Moscow?

  3. What is the nickname of London underground?

T: Agree or disagree with me:

  1. The bus is the most modern kind of city transport.

  2. Trams are usually empty during the rush-hours.

  3. The main street of a town is usually found in its outskirts.

  4. There is an underground railway in every British town.

  5. The Thames divides Paris into two parts.

T: Let’s get acquainted with new words.( Вводишь лексику, объясняешь разницу в словах синонимах, можно с помощью перевода)









Закрепление введенной лексики.

Вариант 1.

  1. A _______ is a holiday during which you travel on a ship or boat and visit a number of places.

a)cruise b)trip c)voyage

  1. A ___is an organized journey during which you visit several places that interest you.

a)excursion b)tour c) expedition

Вариант 2.

  1. A ____ is a shot journey that you make to a place and back again.

a)trip b)travel c)tour

  1. A________ is a long journey on a ship or a spacecraft.

a)voyage b)trip c)crossing


T: There are different points of view upon travelling. Here are reasons for and against travelling abroad. Use them and try to explain why you are against or for travelling. First of all name me all arguments against travelling abroad.


- a lot of places to visit in your
own country (there are)

You don't need

  • to buy tickets and think of time­tables

  • to reserve tickets

  • to carry heavy suitcases

You don't have

  • to wait at airports and railway stations

  • to think of rucksacks and suit­cases

You can

  • speak your own language

  • choose your favourite food

  • to make your relatives wait for J you and worry

  • to be always near you (your family and best friends)

  • to be polluted and dangerous for health (a lot of places)

  • It's no use going abroad

T: Name me all arguments for travelling abroad


Arguments in favour of going abroad

- to discover new places in other

- can help to improve the knowl-

countries (it's wonderful)

edge of foreign languages (travel-

- to be a part of people's educa-


tion (travelling abroad)

- can help practise speaking Eng-

- to teach people about art and

lish (travelling)

culture (travelling)

- to accept English as a new

- to teach people to be under-

means of communication

standing (travelling)

- to learn more about other coun-

- to broaden the mind (travelling)

tries and their traditions

- to help people to relax some-

- to have an opportunity to go

times (travelling)


- to make friends with interesting

- on the one hand; on the other



(вставить карту Лондона)


-What is the capital of the UK?

-What is the name of the river on which the British capital is situated?

-What are the main sightseeing do you know?

(учащиеся отвечают с опорой на карту)

T: Let’s imagine that we are going to travel abroad. So, let’s travel around London to choose. At the beginning of the lesson you said people may travel by air, by railway, by sea. But these ways of travelling won’t suit us. And if we choose the London Tube we shan’t be able to see the most wonderful historical sights of this beautiful city, shall we? Of course we may take a trip on a boat along the Thames or go for a drive in a London double-decker or to take a coach tour. I advise you an unusual way to see London.

I mean the London Observation Wheel.


Say a few words about the Millennium Wheel using the words given in the card

  • to be known as the London Eye (to be 135 metres high)

  • one of the most remarkable sights of London

  • an observatory in the form of a gigantic wheel

  • to be the world's tallest observation wheel

  • one of London's outstanding attractions

  • to have 32 transparent pods (the Millennium Wheel)

  • to carry 800 passengers at any one time (can)

  • one can witness views for 45 kilometres around -- to be opened in the year 2000

  • to work at a speed of about 0.5 kilometres per hour

  • it takes 30 minutes to go right round once

  • to attract a great number of visitors

( о чертовом колесе рассказывает учитель остальные 4 учащиеся с опорой на выражения)

T: What can you see from the London Observation Wheel.

(фото Big Ben)


Say a few words about the Clock Tower

using the words given in the card

- to be of great interest

- to stand near Westminster Palace

- to be built in the 19th century (1858)

- to have four faces (the clock)

- to have a very loud bell

- to weigh more than 13 tons (the bell)

- Sir Benjamin Hall

- to be in charge of the building of the Clock


- Big Ben

- in honour of Sir Benjamin Hall (the tall man)

- to call the clock, its bell and the Clock Tower itself


Say a few words about Trafalgar Square

using the words given in the card

  • one of the most famous attractions in London

  • Nelson's Column

  • in the middle of the Square

  • a statue of Nelson on the top of the Column

  • the famous British admiral

  • historical victories in the war against Napoleon

-to attract many tourists from other countries

National Gallery.

  • to be situated in

Trafalgar Square

  • to be famous all over the world

  • to contain real masterpieces of art and sculpture

  • to be brought from other countries of the world

  • to come to the gallery to see its treasures

  • to admire all exhibits of the world famous collection of the gallery


Say a few words about the Tower Bridge using the words given in the card

  • to be of great interest

  • to stretch across the Thames River

  • a historical place of interest

  • to have two towers

  • to attract a lot of tourists

to make the view of London more attractive

3.Этап закрепления, полученных знаний.

слова: lost-and-found department, carriage, customs, sea, booking office, cable car, porter, left luggage office. ( слова перевести с детьми) дать время выполнить, потом дети меняются тетрадями и проверяют по ключам.

  1. You make a voyage if you travel by...

  2. A person in a hotel, station or airport who carries your luggage is a... .

  3. Lost things can be found in the...

  1. If a person goes abroad, he has to go through the...

  2. The word that has nothing to do with trains is...

  3. .... is a word used mostly in British English.

  4. At the railway station you can leave your luggage at the...

  5. . People usually get travel tickets at the...

Ключи: 1. sea; 2. porter; 3. lost-and-found department; 4. customs; 5. cable car; 6. carriage; 7. left luggage office; 8. booking office.

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Презентация по теме урока. Политическая карта мира Символика англо-говорящих стран Схемы политических стран

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